Withnail & I

Never watched it. Any good?

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Good opening - what I was after

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its good

There’s a set format for these HGWIR threads now, zxcbvnm, I realise you’ve been away for a while

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Think I’d probably like it but it’s forever associated with a friend who went to Oxford and all her awful friends from there, they were English lit students so obviously obsessed with it.

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What the fuck?

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I think I hate Richard E Grant

Pretty ageist not being able to distinguish between the old boyz.

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you’re surprised that ant has a shit opinion about a film?

Live By The Avatar, Die By The Avatar (LBTADBTA)

This is actually quite hurtful

It’s good, but never hang around with people, especially students, who LOVE it - they’re terrible.


He’s right about the Toy Storys
He’s wrong about Withnail and Brick

Dunno about the others.

Good advice generally


I watched War of the Worlds (2005) last night.

Saw it once and really didn’t get why everyone loved it. I think it was one of those films maybe you had to see aged 13 or 14 to really enjoy the swearing and apparent drunkenness. If you’re in your 20s or older I reckon it just seems not that great?


I think I have seen it but not 100%. I give it 3.5 Balonzes out of 10.

These are still my thoughts on it