Without Googling, what is the 2nd highest (North American) grossing film of 1975?

The highest grossing film is Jaws.

Feel free to use this list though

Dog Day or Rocky Horror are my picks

Ah Ned!


A man that knows his film I guess. I mean the answer is Rocky Horror but I hadn’t realised all those weekly showings must be adding to its revenue. It has made over $100m … but it took over 14,000 days to get there.

Jaws only took 59 days. So I’m guessing it was out there at the bottom of 1975 film grossing records for a preeeety long time.

Not clicked your spoiler, but I think PaintycanNed is right with Rocky Horror, if you include takings after 1975. Outside of Star Wars, I can’t think of another film that has been re-released or screened repeatedly so often after its initial release. If you’re only counting 1975 takings, then maybe One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest?

OR if we’re only counting 1975 takings, perhaps a big film that came out at the end of 1974, eg Godfather Pt II.

Yes I was definitely going to say Rocky Horror because I definitely knew it was released in 1975 and I definitely didn’t Google it or click on the spoiler, oh yes.


I thought the title would be enough to Barr you :wink:




Someone didn’t read the OP.

Are you going to stand for that Theo?

Is it rocky horror?



Jaws 2

Sex Lives of the Potato Men


Rocky Horror I think?

the rocky horror tournoi competition

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Trick question. The answer is Jaws. It was both the highest and second highest grossing due to people seeing it twice.


I’m going to take a bit of a punt here… I reckon it’s Rocky Horror no?

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Jaws II

I too have definitely not googled this.

^ definitely clicked the spoiler