Without looking it up can you remember the name of Judith Chalmer's son?


Because I can’t.






I had forgotten this fact, so thanks for making me look it up again.


Mark durdan smith right?


Yes that is right. We managed to get Mark and that it was hyphenated but no more.

Great game.


I don’t know who that is or who her son is, so I doubt I can remember his name.


Shocking, Steve. Poor Judith. She invented holidays.



name all the presenters of RI:SE!

I can only think of three off the top of my head.


oh i thought it was her off millionaire and eggheads


I have never seen it


That is Victoria Cohen.


do you mean Coren?


No antisemitism in here please.


Ok ok I’ll start

Colin Murray
Edith Bowman/Kate Lawler
Iain lee


Mark Durden Smith, Liz Bonin, Colin Murray, Edith Bowman. I think Richard Blackwood did it for a while, too.


This one will probably only mean anything to you if you’re a northerner who likes football, but on the subject of surprising mums and sons…


I can picture one of them but their name is agonisingly escaping me.


Liz Bonnin that’s her!


Is it liz bonin? I forgot about her until Marckee said it but now she’s so clear in my mind.