Wizz airlines, anyone flown with them before?!

Any good etc?

I’m flying with them for the first time in a month. It’s not exatcly the kinda name that fills you with confidence.

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For work. They were fine. Generic budget airline. Polish I think?

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like the ryanair/easyjet of poland?

Yeah, they were fine, super budget, but that’s what you expect these days. Pretty strict about bag size iirc, and it might be slightly smaller allowance than some airlines? Worth checking.

They are fine

will do, cheers.

Yeah but think they are actually Hungarian

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Yeah pretty much. I went from London to Sofia. Was fine. It was an early morning flight, so I napped anyway.

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nobody beats 'em


not me personally but work peeps use them loads to get to Macedonia. Be grand.

Have fun flying with ol’ Douchie

*flown about them

Who is worse than Ryanair experiencewise? Aeroflot/those national airlines that are so bad they’re not allowed to land at lots of airports?

Now there’s a recommendation for Ryanair.

I think Aeroflot save their good planes for international flights. I’ve heard some bad stuff about internal flights inside Russia.

Aero ‘official carrier of Manchester United’ flot are absolutely fine. Flown with them several times. They had a bad rep for sure but they are decent now

Why did you have to cross Romania so quickly? Are you an international spy? Was it a crop duster? You could get the train?

They kept all their old shit planes for routes like Moscow-Omsk.

What are you on about? That name makes me want to travel with them! I hope it’s just like this on board…

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well noted ta

When the Icelandic volcano downed all the planes one of my coworkers braved a slightly scary flight in a shit old soviet plane from Baku to Moscow, then got grounded in Moscow, where he was supposed to change planes. As he wasn’t going to leave the airport, he didn’t need or have a russian visa. Russian customs decided the best thing to do was to throw him in the jail cells at the airport, rather than you know, put him up in a hotel. Took a lot of phone calls from the agency I worked for/are about to work for again to sort that one out. I had been disappointed to miss out on the Azerbaijan assignment, but I was glad I hadn’t gone after that.