Pep’s kamikaze City get their pants pulled down once again away at the Premier League champions. A moribund Saturday otherwise, with the first ever Wimbledon league derby at lunchtime the only other obvious highlight.

A proper Super Sunday tomorrow, though, big games back to back all day - the Clough Derby, Torino v Juve, and Benfica v Sporting. Ooooft. Celta v Sevilla, United v Spurs, and PSG v Nice also of some interest.


big laugh at Klopp getting properly IRKED by bournemouth realising that his keeper is shit.

“one of the worst things i’ve ever heard in my life”



united spurs has got 0-0 written all over it, which is a giant step forward from the 15 years straight of 2-0s


Definitely sticking the Watford Everton game on. It’s not every day you get to see the most exciting team in the EPL play.


Wolves v Badgers this afternoon.

We can take a big step towards safety with 3 points…


Barca kicking off at noon against a shite team is a nice way to start the weekend. Still not got out of bed


Glad someone else has noticed they’re a good side. Bit of a push to say they’re the most exciting team in the league (the stats show that’s Liverpool, folllowed, weirdly, by Palace and Swansea), but they average over three goals a game, which is rare, and Mazzarri’s one of a few coaches in the league who actually switches formations (between three and four at the back) and styles (long to short depending on the opponents) in play. They also have a huge turnover of players which gives them an added air of unpredictability. Well done for noticing. Didn’t have you down as a tactics man.

That said, this one might be a stinker. Everton are a side i don’t particularly enjoy watching at the moment. Been quite static so far this season given their personnel. Koeman seems to be holding their more unpredictable offensive players back.


You’re really touchy these days, aren’t you. Good thing I banned all of those Bournemouth-based accounts.



Was trying to engage with you about football in a football thread. Surely best to keep it on topic after your latest…indescretion last weekend.


he learned that at Fulham


Cracking finish for a big man


Would like Everton to go back in time and not concede if nobody else minds ta


Messi just done a pretty sexy goal


Anyone who pretends to follow german football know what’s happening with Draxler? seems a bit odd @Severed799 ?


Watford mascot getting in on the celebrations :grinning:


Always a shame to see Watford do well,tbh. Everything that is wrong with the game.


being punished by Wolfsburg for having lofty ambitions (i.e claiming he’s moving to Bayern) despite already showing himself as a snake for leaving his hometown team Schalke for more money in the first place. Dunno how long it will last but from what I gather he’s not really been much of a success at Wolfsburg anyway, given it was a kinda weird move in the first place. Maybe he has an attitude, dunno he’s still only 23 somehow


first place


Soon to be renamed Pretend London Shopping Area


Seems like Ancelotti’s come out and said Bayern aren’t signing him, so the lad’s Odemwingied himself, hopefully someone in England will sign him in January, not sure where he’d fit in though