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Huddersfield v Fulham
Chelsea v Spurs
Sporting v Benfica

Villa v Birmingham
City v Arsenal
Real v Barca



I’m saddened by the overuse of vowels in the OP.

David Stockdale did Newcastle a massive favour in the race for Championship glory. I fully expect them to piss it away against PNE on Monday.


My team :v: @Ruffers’ team. I hope it’s a feisty one. :point_right::ok_hand: We could be :arrow_down: today, so that’ll be :thumbsdown: . Prem today looks :zzz: Looking forward to Chelsea-Spurs, gonna treat myself to a :beer: or :beers: and watch that. :soccer:


Old firm weekend ya fucking muppets, as if any other football matters! :grinning::+1:


Pretty glad I’m out of Glasgow this weekend :grinning:


Norwich are weird men go away


Yeah it’s pretty awful :grinning:


The nine other Old Firm derbies this season haven’t been that entertaining have they?


No but as this the big cup semi Rangers have more to play for


Lincoln vs Macc Town at 12:15pm. If we win we’re promoted as champions into League 2 :eggplant::pill::eggplant::pill::eggplant::pill:



I can only handle looking at Saturday fixtures on Saturday. Sunday gets its chance to shine later :laughing:


:sweat_drops: :fire: :sweat_drops: :fire: :sweat_drops: :fire: :sweat_drops: :fire:



O my!


Spill? spoiler[/spoiler] Fire?


Not at all no


That’s the spirit (wine) Keith :grinning::+1:


The first one was pretty good :wink:


Haha I do love twitter at times. Lost it at the sooty and sweep one :joy::joy:


Wolves are playing Blackburn, in a match described as taking place this afternoon

Blackburn win I suppose - our season is over and they’re trying to scrape free of the drop zone.