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Semi-final predictions!

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  • Tottenham

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Many questions here, the most pressing of which is what on Earth is the youth to the left of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge carrying?

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love these weekends in April where there’s loads of massive fixtures across the continent. Best pair of FA Cup semis in years too. 3/4 of the best teams in the country

Huge day for Leeds. If we don’t beat Burton, I fully expect that to be it for us. It’s in our hands, but I don’t expect to get 9 points (won’t beat Norwich) - 6 points from Burton/Wigan are essential though, hope that’s enough.

Fulham away to Huddersfield - if we win and they do us a favour, things look a lot rosier again.

Fucking hell that’s worse than the Wigan one, and ours was proper shit.

What are you talking about? That’s one of the best roses I’ve ever seen.

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Seen better tbh

I’ve gone for Chelsea here, but obviously I’d prefer Spurs to win. Quite looking forward to this game tbh, could be a proper humdinger.

Alright Alan Titchmarsh

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Huddersfield are going to spank us today. Booked to play badminton instead of following it. Chelsea - spuds should be good

Should be touching down at Heathrow just in time to send my Fulham housemate a shit eating text at the final whistle. Fingers crossed

Reckon Middlesbrough are gonna win today. Feel it in my wig

Is there any reason to actually think this beside antibants? Excellent form

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what we lookin at bbz?

I’d quite like Swansea to stay up, so a draw in your game and a win for Watford would be nice (sorry @Otto) .

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#biggrantholt’s Hibees down 1-0 in 13 seconds to Aberdeen in the other big cup semi :joy:

As are Huddersfield. Think the worrys mainly from how badly we played last time I went to a game (away at rotherham).

I think you’ve undersold Tottenham there.[quote=“nestor, post:23, topic:13842”]
3/4 of the best teams in the country

Supposed to be tony Adams doing a stupid dance :frowning: