Woensdagavond (eve)


Food, masterchef, band practice, bed!



Oooh got a new drummer boss?

Dunno man. Ma is back from holiday. Probs catch up about that and eat a misery meal and then sleep




Nope :sob: just two of us. Someone please take up drums and join my band.


Move to Glasgow and I’ll do it.


Going for a cornflake sundae


Butter turkey curry, apprentice, cricket


Food, Masterchef, apprentice, detectorists


Food, pub quiz, cricket, sleep


It’s gone 8, I can go to bed in less than an hour yesssss


How about if we practice via skype and you travel down for gigs?


Bolognese, pissing about making a website, might play some mario


Ngl, the idea of me rocking up with my m8s electric drum kit and non existent drumming skills and just being ‘well let’s get going guys!!! is making me smile


Just made the worlds most spicy chicken noodle soup, was damn good.


I’m pretty desperate tbh


Hmmm wonder what my flatmate would say if I dumped a drum kit in the front room.


Am certain I’d make an appearance in the top 5 black metal murders as a result tbh


Pie and chips, gin and tonic


you ever get stuck right in that sweet spot where you’re desperate to go to sleep just for the day to be over but also want to prolong tomorrow morning getting any closer



This I what I want.