Woes amnesty πŸ—³ πŸ˜­πŸš‘πŸ—³

List your woes here. No chat. No sympathy. Drop 'em in the woes amnesty secure box at reception

Lidl have no mister choc
Didn’t see the free pastry coupon until I’d left lidl
Got a headache (not lidl related)

Have no money

I was born on a Wednesday


Havent left the house yet

Had to park in Royton was hoping to park behind The Greyhound

I was smug at the start of the summer cos I didn’t get hay fever

Had lots of really sneezy, runny nose days recently. Including today

We’re halfway there.

Living on a prayer.


Have done something bad to my back and later I have to make dinner for my wife, mum and dad.

Just sad all the time tbh.

I’ve either severely misjudged what it is I want out of life, or I’m incapable of being happy
Chafed my left nipple again


Cornered myself into spending a balmy saturday cooped up indoors to meet a deadline

Want to go for a lil bike ride but there’s no time

I only have one snack - half a tiny bag of magic stars to see me through this

Really want a nice dinner to look forward too but my only option is instant noodles

Hangry and tired and wish i could get some air

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Really want a new work bag but i should really not get one and limp on with my current broken one so that my in laws have something easy to get me for Christmas…


scratched the side of my car trying to reverse out of a really tiny car park

This is a very relatable post

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trying not to snack between meals but I’m hungry

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Car won’t start, stuck at a retail park with two kids angry about the soft play session we’re missing as I wait until potentially 5:25 for the AA.

3 day headache now

Waaaaaa woe woe woe is me