Wolf Alice

I really like this angry sound!

Awful name for a song


I agree. Thought that too.

Saw the tour announcement and was interested. Then noted the London date was Alexander Palace and filed my interest back away :confused:

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The title I guess is supposed to be more radio friendly unlike the actual lyrics in the song which are not.

it’s quite a cunning stunt.


Best thing they’ve done is Moaning Lisa Smile, and that’s on their second EP. Was a bit disappointed by the debut.


Yeah I loved Creature Songs EP, I quite their debut too bur for all the hype it was a bit lacking in tunes.


ROCK CITY - maybe.

Liking this a lot, I enjoyed their debut but it was too sanded off and clean sometime and they sound really energised and aggressive here. Barrowlands gig is definitely appealing!


I really liked the debut, and I’m looking forward to anything else.

Is it supposed to sound like Rolf Harris?

DIS and NME have both given the new album top marks with some mixed reviews elsewhere. It will be interesting to hear it, Don’t Delete the Kisses and Heavenward both sound pretty great to me (although Yuk Foo is a bit annoying).

They won’t do better than Moaning Lisa Smile (in punning, or recording).

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DIS Gave the second The XX album 10/10 I seem to remember and that was shit. I like Wolf Alice but haven’t been blown away by the stuff I’ve heard off the album.

album of the month in Mojo which raised an eyebrow.

hope it’s good.