Wolf Alice

“like when Editors started trying to sound like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Waterboys, etc. on their fourth album”

Someone at the record company really needs to get that onto a sticker on the front of the CD case, pronto

Brilliant album on first listen, so pleased with it. Play The Greatest Hits was the only mis-step for me, but I was expecting that from the title alone

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Did it work when everyone was saying they sounded like Interpol, Joy Division, The Chameleons, etc.?

I’ve really enjoyed this on the first couple of listens. Strange how they are rock band but their worst tracks are the rock tracks.


Yeah something that’s a bit annoying about them, I get the sense that they consciously write ‘rock’ songs instead of just turning their normal songs into rock songs.

Mike Skinner would like his album cover back.

Sounds a bit like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, that kinda thing/era etc?

Listening for the first time right now, my first thought was that it kind of sounds like a slowed down Hello Kitty Kat by the Pumpkins. A bit Swim/Polythene-era Feeder too.

I definitely think there’s a Pearl Jam vibe to the whole track.

The kind of squelchy, rock band trying to sound electronic sound reminds me of Kiss Me Kill Me Hold Me Thrill Me U2, though obvs the guitar riff itself is very different

They’ve always reminded me of Feeder too actually

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Who said that Wolf Alice sounds like Interpol or Joy Division though?

So Delicious Things is just a Lana Del Rey track from 5 years ago right? (A compliment)

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Which one?

Generally are people enjoying Smile or not? Think it’s a banger tbh.

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Whilst not a bad song exactly, I’m currently finding that Lipstick on Glass is taking me out of the experience a bit. Just sounds too much like Stories From The City-era PJ Harvey. Loving the rest of it.

Edit: forgot that Play The Greatest Hits is probably the weakest song on the album. Maybe that’s what people are talking about.

Yeah I actually like Smile and The Greatest Hits so I should shutup

Hoping Smile will click with me at some point. Was one of the reasons I wasn’t particularly excited about this album, despite being a big fan of the first two records and thought they were great live.

It’s the only song I like on the album…


finally got round to listening to the new record, really enjoying i so far.

Smile is great right down to her pronunciation of ‘bar’ as BWOAH

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If I haven’t liked any Wolf Alice music up till this point, will I potentially like this album? Or is it more of the same?