Wolf Alice

I’ve given it enough listens to rate it now so I’d say for me it goes:

  1. Visions of A Life - 4.5/5 (this one took the longest to grow and I needed to watch the live version of some songs like Sadboy, Formidable Cool, and Yuk Foo to get into it. I think every track is good outside of the boring 2nd last one).

  2. My Love Is Cool - 4.5/5 (not as consistent for me as Visions of A Life but some of the singles are better and it’s hard to make songs like Giant Peach which still hold up but they have)

  3. Blue Weekend - 4/5 (this is their most immediate album so I get the higher reviews it’s gotten helped by the euphoric sound. I think it’s split in the middle for me with 5 songs I really like, 3 that I think are good, and 3 which are decent but forgettable.It’s also more cohesive than their earlier stuff)

Overall, just a very talented band and the best indie band to come out of the 2010’s for me in the UK (sorry to The Joy Formidable from the earlier discussion who I love but only their 1st album compares to Wolf Alice). It is a shame that this band took 4 years to release the 3rd album after winning the Mercury Prize. If you wonder why indie bands often don’t make it bigger…this is it. Lots of touring, not as much writing, no team of songwriters to just do the job for them and have them come in and sing.


Do you mean it’s a shame as we could have had more music from them? It certainly hasn’t affected their career trajectory. A number one album and I expect they’ll be in arenas before this album cycle is done.

4 years really isn’t that long between albums imo.

Something about them just doesn’t do anything for me - think maybe it’s the heavily layered vocals?

Glad everyone is enjoying it though.

This album is absolutely fricking great. Any other month his year and it’d be an easy AOTM. Well done them.

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Can’t stop listening to No Hard Feelings. It’s absolutely brilliant, wish it had another verse.

Not sure the album is a massive leap forward though. Similar to their previous stuff there some massive tunes on there but too many that don’t seem to click. Maybe still needs a few more listens.

I reckon you could whittle the 3 albums and eps down to one proper 10 out of 10 belter though!

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Love that Greatest Hits track, tonnes of stupid fun.


The vocal on No Hard Feelings sounds a lot like a Jenny Lewis song

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yeah this is really good, No Hard Feelings is gorgeous, Delicious Things is a perfect LDR-aping bliss-out, and How Can I Make it Better is positively addictive and shows off her voice so so well. The two rock tracks are the weakest by a good way for me, but still perfectly fun and punchy

I really enjoy how The Beach just cuts off as it’s swelling up to a massive explosion, that’s a very bold, confident move! (Although another part of me just wants it to take off into the stratosphere … maybe live?)

I’ve loved tracks here and there from them but this is definitely the most coherent, fully realised album imho. Would be AOTM if Japanese Breakfast wasn’t absolutely running away with that title

Yeah agree, wasn’t my favourite on the first couple of listens but have been going back to it a lot recently - think that into The Beach II is a great finish. My only slight problem with No Hard Feelings is that the synth bit sounds quite…cheap? Like it’s just on one of those standard keyboards with the synth tracks on it.

You want a cover of Steely Dan’s ‘Dirty Work’??

(59 minutes in)

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Got tickets to see them at Pustervik (Gothenburg) next February - 900 capacity


Have had the “I won’t say no, I’ll give it a go” hook stuck in my head since release date. Please send help.


Just listening to that track! What a record.


No Hard Feelings > The Beach II is starting to feel like an all-time way to close an album

also they’re doing a triple Barrowlands run?? I had not quiet clocked onto their level of popularity, clearly


Feel like I’ve had that feeling a few times with the Mercury Prize win and outselling the rest of the top 5 combined in the album charts last week (at least at the midway point).

Feels inevitable that they’ll be headlining one of the major festivals by 2023. Maybe not Glasto but something like Reading, IOW, or Latitude definitely

They’re headlining the Friday of Latitude this year :+1:


FKA is really out of touch :wink:


I said by 2023 so technically I wasn’t wrong!

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Nuts innit. Had that exact ear worm for days last week.

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