Wolf Eyes- any fans?

I’m eyeing up their Cafe Oto residency at Cafe Oto in September. Is anyone planning to go? Not sure which night to go to!

Wolf eyes @ Cafe oto

Great memories of some of their live shows- particularly at ATP 2006 (i think!) when they played before negative approach and the stooges. Seen them do some really good smaller shows in Brighton over the years too.

I was at that. For about 2 minutes it was sinister and unsettling. Then a but dull.

I prefer their memes on instagram

Yeh i used to enjoy following some of them on social media, and since i ditched some social media accounts i’ve had a lot less internet gold!

the three qualities i like in my music! As well as an overwhelming sense of dread.

Me too!

I ended up going into a side room and playing a shooting game, where you’re in a beach fortification and you have to gun down boatloads of soldiers and blow up numerous tanks while they’re making amphibious landings. It was an absolutely perfect soundtrack to the brutal carnage of that game, let me tell you.

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