Wolf in White Van - John Darnielle

anyone read it?
Im very interested in what the charater has to say about Krull mostly

The only person I know who has read it is a massive Mountain Goats/JD fan and they found it quite hard work. Same sort of vein as Douglas Coupland apparently.

I do love Darnielle but genuinely loved it, there’s some really engaging and authentic dealings with being a general recluse/outsider that would feel even more relatable in 2020 I think. Very sad in parts but a thoroughly good read, didn’t find it difficult at all.
Definitely captures that depressive, oppressive feeling of being stuck indoors with just fantasy/nerdery to take up your time and that fuzzy vhs aesthetic around it. There is also an extended bit about Krull, yes.

I read it a few years ago and loved it, and also didn’t find it difficult. The central character is really interesting and - like @Ruffers said - the feeling of being a recluse, shut away from general society would probably resonate even more after this year.

Also, I came away really wanting to play the role playing game that he created/ran.

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Id like to know what he said about Krull

I’m not going to spoil that for you.

I absolutely loved it, made me cry on about page 2

Can’t remember what he said about krull sorry

Krull to be kind?

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It’s been a while since I read it but I remember really enjoying it. I actually came to him via this book before his music - He did a reading at Edinburgh Book Festival when it came out.

Would I enjoy it if I have no idea who or what Krull is

A poor mans Star Wars.
Think George Lucas but with leather pants, also features Tucker Jenkins. Great cast actually.
I was a big fan of it back in the day

I enjoyed it and I have no idea who or what Krull is

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It’s far more Neverending Story with some lasers and entirely set in the fantasy world, if we’re honest as it’s all on the one planet.

Not if you live in the Black Fortress

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But we never see it from that point of view so it’s not really like Star Wars


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It’s just not that good but likening it to Star Wars will just make anyone who watches it even more disappointed when they do

That’s how they hook people in, sure.

Krull has Robbie Coltrane in it looking like this:

1 - nil to Krull.

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