Wolf Parade


This Operators album sounds instantly brilliant. How did I miss this?


It’s an album that’s just grown and grown for me. At first I thought ‘good but not as good as peak Handsome Furs’, but it eventually worked its way up to No.2 on my AOTY list, and I think now it’s claimed the top spot.


I plan on diving in to all this stuff now, pretty excited. I hadn’t even heard the Handsome Furs stuff until last night. What a talented bunch.

Last year’s WP ep is excellent too. Loving this performance of ‘Mr. Startup’


Great mix of personalities in the band too



I’m envying you getting to encounter it all for the first time.


What’s the best Handsome Fur’s album, would you say?


Actually, I’ve just read your post again up thread so I’ve got that answer


‘Us Ones Inbetween’ is one of the great tunes.

Enjoyed that first Handsome Furs lp, not massively fussed about WP but Modern World had a good video.


Some UK dates

Not enough to call it a tour though really.
Edit- Clearly they are on a proper tour, just I couldn’t say UK tour without upsetting the north.


Very excited for Thekla.


If you’re looking for “pop hooks” then sure, Boeckner delivers more consistency on that front. But I’d agrue that’s only part of the WP appeal…the more psychedelic/experimental side keeps them above standard indie rock staples.

This will have to be an “agree to disagree” situation…as anyone who describes Dragonslayer as “boring as shit” is some distance from my wavelength. What I will say, though, is that ATTQM is actually the most krug heavy WP album…Expo 86 is the most collaborative.


My wolf parade members’ ranking (of what I’ve heard)

  1. Dragonslayer
  2. ATTQM
  3. Julia with Blue Jeans On
  4. Random Spirit Lover
  5. Shut Up, I Am Dreaming…
  6. Expo 86
  7. Dreamland EP
  8. Sound Kapital
  9. Organ Music
  10. Heartbreaking Bravery
  11. Enemy Mine
  12. City Wrecker
  13. At Mount Zoomer
  14. My Best Human Face
  15. EP4
  16. Face Control


Okay. Over the last few weeks I’ve gone back and re-listened to everything I have by the pair.

First observation, Dragonslayer is not anywhere near as bad as I had originally thought. I enjoyed it much more this time around than previously (iTunes tells me I only made it half-way through a second listen previously). It’s still not a patch on AttQM, or on Handsome Furs/The Operators at their best, but it certainly doesn’t warrant the bottom spot in the ranking that I’d give it above.

Second, I obviously didn’t have my ears screwed on properly when I first listened to Expo 86 — or At Mount Zoomer, for that matter — as Expo 86 is much better than AMZ, which, bar 2 tracks (The Grey Estates, Kissing the Beehive, maaaaybe also Soldier’s Grin), borders on bad. Again, I’m not saying Expo 86 is up there with the real quality, but it’s certainly solid.

Third, sorry @wonton but have to disagree that AttQM is the most Krug heavy album. Songwriting is split evenly pretty much across all three albums. In fact, if there’s a Krug-heavy album it’s Expo 86 (6 songs to Boeckner’s 5). In terms not just of songwriting credits, but arrangements and overall sound, though, I reckon both AttQM and E86 sound very collaborative. Only AMZ sounds like they wrote and arranged their respective tracks separately.

Fourth, Handsome Furs’ debut Plague Park, released 2 years after AttQM (and 1 year before AMZ), sounds more like a follow up the Wolf Parade debut than the actual follow-up. I’ve also decided that PP is much better than the second HF album Face Control — pretty much for that reason.

Fifth, Julia with Blue Jeans On and My Best Human Face are terrible. Sorry, but I despise that kind of vocal + piano. As far as I’m concerned, those particular Moonface releases are so far out of genre that it’s not fair/helpful to consider them alongside the rest. Dreamland EP not as terrible, but still not something I’m likely to go back to often (if at all).

Sixth, the new Wolf Parade EP is quality. Again, it’s got that collaborative feel, where both are bringing the best out of each other. Very much looking forward to Cry, Cry, Cry, which I anticipate will be their best since AttQM.

Finally, a revised ranking:

AttQM > (but only just) Sound Kapital = The Operators > Plague Park = EP 4 > Face Control > Dragonslayer = Heartbreaking Bravery = Expo 86 >>>>>> At Mount Zoomer = Organ Music


Random Spirit Lover is available on all good streaming platforms


Ta, I’ll give it a listen. More like Dragonslayer, I take it, than Moonface?


Krug>the other guy


Yeah, but it’s the better album in my humble onion. Tbh, I’d definitely say to check out both Random Spirit Lover and Shut Up I Am Dreaming, which is more lofi and less proggy.


Cool. Will give them both a listen.



lads, the best thing by any of these guys is still the six-song EP from 2004.