Wolf Parade


Where’s apologies to queen Mary?


Number 2!


Well! I never!


Love both these new songs.




Julia is amazing !


Nah. It’s shit.


idiot heart <3


It’s so good!


I hope that I die in a decent pair of shoes


Not to take sides but I’m a Krug guy now.


Still really miss the tightly wound production from the first record :persevere:


Move on!


I should. But none of their subsequent albums really sound like Wolf Parade records to me, for that reason, I think. Otherwise sounded pretty good though. Hoping it’ll grow.


but there’s now more records that don’t sound like the first one so ergo by that logic, that is their sound :wink:


I get that, but that was the Wolf Parade I fell in love with as a 17 year old. :wink: Hopefully I’ll get used to the (even) cleaner sound.


Nah I do know what you mean and it’s something I’ve missed too, but I think given how good this new one is songwriting and energy wise I’m ready to accept this as the “new/next” stage of Wolf Parade


On first listen, they do at least sound more comfortable and settled in their sound on this record than they did on the previous two. Need to give it more time before passing any other judgement, I think


I actually think At Mount Zoomer is quite underrated but this is definitely better than Expo 86 where they kinda just ran out of steam. Ironically they apparently wrote a double album’s worth of material for that one but struggled to really pull it together


Solid album, with some brilliant moments on that match the debut (and their side projects best)