Wolf Parade


yeah for sure, not quite as consistent as debut but when it’s good it’s REALLY GOOD


Only listened to the first 4 or 5 tracks so far, but, my! the opener is a stinker. Otherwise, it’s sounding okay, if disappointingly polished. I really like Valley Boy. I’m anticipating this to be better, on the whole, than either of the last two.


I’m actually a pretty big fan of Expo 86. Hopefully that bodes well for this album.


Don’t get me wrong I like expo 86 but it’s def the weakest one


I’ve done my ranking upthread, and Expo 86 is some way above AMZ. I just find AMZ to be lacking in drama, particularly in its mid section


‘tightly wound’ = low quality?


You know this thing where everyone has a favourite out of the two main guys?

I literally cannot tell the difference between them, and I listen to Wolf Parade a lot.


The one with the good songs is Krug


Are you trying to say ‘Modern World’ isn’t a good song, buddy?


Only because Krug starts yodelling in the background


Shine a lights good I guess


I know that the first album is the best. That’s obvious. But ‘What Did My Lover Say?’ is easily their best tune, isn’t it?


I love all three of the original albums. Probably lean a bit more towards Krug on the strength of Dragonslayer, but I’ve struggled getting into the rest of their non Wolf Parade stuff. (Admittedly every time I try I’m pretty distracted, so I should probably try again.)

Best song on each one:

Dinner Bells
Kissing the Beehive




Sure it was a bit more lo-fi, but it was more tense and urgent too


As far as Wolf Parade goes…I’d say I like the input of Krug and Boeckner equally.

But Krug has done a lot more interesting stuff outside of this…which is why I think he’s superior.

Also, I think you’re humble bragging a bit


This where we agree. AMZ is incredibly flat


I also struggle to distinguish them in WP records. And even knowing who wrote* which track my faves split evenly between them

I just like Broekner’s non-WP stuff much more.

*thing is, we all assume that sings = wrote. But going from memory, besides AMZ, song writing credits are given to the band, not to either of the two main guys.


Baby Blue is the best thing any of them have put their name to in years


Hmm…nah. I think it’s probably more of a 6, which is a huge shame. Although I agree that Baby Blue and Weaponized are great. The rest just seems very homogenous and nowhere near fun enough…much in the same vein as last year’s EP, really