Wolf Parade


Well, I disagree :wink:


Ah man, forgot to check if you’d written it! Should I be surprised given our disagreement on EXPO 86 above :wink: In fairness, I love WP and will keep going with this to see if I can warm to it.


It’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion! :slightly_smiling_face: I think it’s worth sticking with, obviously


I should say I don’t dislike Expo 86, I just think it’s their least good and never go back to it


Maybe it’s a case of the context in which we’ve listened to it…because I return to it as much as, if not more than, Apologies. I could name a section of almost every song which gets my heart racing.


Interesting! Yeah you might be right. Perhaps I should try again with it


Enjoying a good few tracks already on this new one. Looking forward to absolutely rinsing it. Could listen to that end section of Baby Blue for days.


Artificial Life is my fave, though I expect I’ll be alone in that. Still don’t think much of Lazarus Online — nor Files on the Sun and Am I an Alien Here, for that matter. But otherwise it’s pretty solid. I’d give it a 7, maybe 7.5.


Really like the fiddly guitar on Artificial Life. I assume it’s the dude from Hot, Hot, Heat playing those sort of bits from watching live WP vids from the last few years?


I like this a lot, think it’s their best since Queen Mary by a long way




Surprisingly good


Although the title Who Are Ya just makes me think of drunken football fans


or this:


Oooooooft Baby Blue is fucking incredible, it might be the best Wolf Parade song.


I like the album so far but it hasn’t fully clicked yet, something still feels missing but I’m hoping that’ll change with another week of listens. Early highlights are “Baby Blue”, “King of Piss and Paper”, and “Lazarus Online”.

Also, on “Artificial Life” I keep expecting to hear Hutch Harris yelling “We were born to sin!”


Baby blue sounds like hot hot heat


I reckon it sounds like really really good Inspiral Carpets.


I agree


LOL “waaaaahhh they’re not the same as before they’ve tried to get better”