Wolf Parade


Nah. I don’t think you can listen to all the weirdness, melodies, anger, variety of ATTQM and think that’s reflected in Cry Cry Cry (aside from Baby Blue). I think they’re right, it’s streamlined, over-polished and not that interesting.


I never once claimed that.

They’re a different band with a different sound now, it’s been a decade since ATTQM, these are, for me at least, really great songs. They’re never going to come close to ATTQM again so why bother trying to replicate it?


I know you weren’t trying to claim that Severed :slight_smile: it’s merely how I see Wolf Parade have declined. Spencer Krug is best when he’s knotty and all over the place…so when you say these are really great songs we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I don’t think this album is anywhere near as immediate as albums by Protomartyr, Big Thief, King gizzard, Oh sees, BSS, etc. released this year.


Ok! Sure I wouldn’t describe this as immediate either, it took a few listens for it to click, but it really did. I’ve never really got into either guy’s solo stuff so I can’t really comment on that, but it also means I’m not as worried about what suited them as songwriters in the past I guess?


Yeah maybe not…don’t really know what we’re doing here…you like it, I don’t…nothing will change that. Probably should put energy into other things… (speaking personally, not reflecting on you)


ha I guess so, also should probably make clear i’m more reacting to P4K than yourself



I have no idea, really. Haven’t seen any live performances, and I had assumed they’d stopped working together. Didn’t even know they had that EP last year until this thread started!