Got to spend a week there next week for work and when I’ve been there before I’ve found it a bit glum.

Anywhere decent to eat? Anything worth doing in the evenings?

Penn tandoori
Posada for a beer
Is there a gig on at the civic?
Birmingham is a short train ride away tbf.

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Thanks for this.

Is the Penn Tandoori sufficiently better than the restaurants in the centre of town to justify the trip out?

(Civic Hall seems to be shut as far as I can make out)

Ah I don’t know tbh. It’s just one I’ve been taken to, that happened to have a couple of footballers in at the time then a couple of weeks later some other footballers happened to be in it :sweat_smile:

@urbanfox could be your guy though.

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I’m far from the expert but stuff I do know…

Get the tram to Bilston and get some orange chips from Majors chippy.

Civic Hall is still being refurbished (been ongoing for about 5 years so far!).

The Lych Gate is a nice pub in the city centre, just by the church. The Great Western, round the back of the train station, is pretty good as well.

Never been to Penn Tandoori but it’s supposed to be good. Dilshad or Bilash in the city centre are decent, although the latter is quite £££. The Fiery Holes near Bradley Lane tram stop do a decent Indian mixed grill.

Medicine bakery have got a place in the city now, a few mins from the station, and do very good pastries, brunch stuff, etc.

Birmingham is only 20 minutes on the train. £2.50 return after 6.30.

Excellent stuff, thanks.

I was there for a couple of nights a few years ago and enjoyed the meal we had at Made in Thai so much we went back a second time! Also the Great Western is a really nice old man pub by the station, worth checking out. The Queens (Chinese) was recommended too but we couldn’t get a table.

Actually went to Made in Thai last night and was really nice. The first successful meal out the week though. I’ve been to the Queens but it wasn’t great.

I think the more interesting places are probably outside the city centre. The centre of the city is not very inviting at night.

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Not tempted by a pork bap?


Ah the Great Western ended up in there before The XX back in 2012, the regulars broke out into song (not an XX one) at one point.

Also used to be good for a cob.

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They do grey peas and bacon as well!

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I have no idea of what this but it sounds good.

It’s hard to describe really. Kind of a stew, I guess? It’s much tastier than it looks or sounds though.

I would definitely try that.

Long gone now sadly but the true Wolvo institution

Food recommendations (not curry)?

Orange chips from Majors or a cob and a pint at the Lych Gate or Great Western.

Other than Medicine (coffee/brunch/cakes, etc) and curry houses, I’m not sure. You looking for evening food or what?

I found it to be a bit of a wasteland in the evenings unfortunately (so much so that when I went back for another spell of work this year I stayed in Birmingham and commuted). The best restaurant I found in the city centre (the only one I went back to more than once) was this one

I’m sure there is more to Wolves that I missed, but wherever it is it’s not in the city centre in the evenings.


Yeah heading there to watch blur tomorrow and want to get some food beforehand

It’s absolutely fine for a night, just don’t get stuck there for four weeks in November