Women, ladies, nb, what you wearing for Xmas dis?

Ha thread autocorrected to Xmas dis instead of dos but I’ll run with it.

I need dress inspiration. I do well with things that are fitted under the bust and then flow. Also like low cut.

Anyone got any corkers??

Me, @Witches and @Sulawesi are all rocking this

Join the crew! It’s SO SO nice.


Mine’s arrived and I love it - thank you for the 25% off tip!

@tilty join us… :wink:


Yes thanks @Slicky for the tip! :heart:

Oh my goodness that’s perfect! How can I secure this 25% off goodness? :eyes:

Thanks so much dis, knew you wouldn’t let me down xx

It was just a one day sale unfortunately, but I think you can get 10% off your first order if you sign up to the newsletter


On the website it has red, black and this green

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@tilty joanie are always having sales. Also, I think when you buy something you can give a friend the gift of some money off.

Wish I’d kept hold of it to give to yooou :heart:


Joanie are fab! I preferred their range back in 2018 tbh but they have some really nice stuff.

I tried a bunch of sequinned dresses but I’m not happy with them. We’re going axe throwing for the party but I’m still gonna dress up. Deeply disappointed by the plus size dress options I’ve seen about.

Wondering about this as the colour is lovely but it’s a bit plain


People who have bought this dress, is it fitted? Trying to decide whether I need a 14 or a 16. My waist is deffo 16 but my bust is more like 14 going off their sizing, and sometimes if there’s a bit of give a 14 looks better but I don’t want it to be Squeezy in the waist department!!

I bought my usual size which is too small at the moment because I’ve put on weight but it still fitted surprisingly, I think they’re quite large sizing? Maybe? I need the others to confirm this. @slicky @Sulawesi So I think you’d get away with either a smaller size OR a bigger size. With a bigger size the waist tie means you can cinch it in.

Don’t know if that’s helpful… basically I think a small size would be fine but if you went for the bigger size you can make it smaller with the waist tie.

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Just said the same thing twice. So helpful :laughing:

Hmm, I’ve only briefly tried it on, but I’d been deciding between two sizes, and I remember thinking I probably could have got the smaller size. But as @Witches says you can adjust a bit with the tie. It’s more…‘swishy’ than fitted I’d say :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah. I got a 12 and there’s plenty of room.

Maybe order both and see what looks best. :star_struck:

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Joy has some v nice blue velvet dresses. Not royal but good!


I’m considering this/something like this:

but i shouldn’t have long sleeves really cos i get too hot. Plus, the length means it’ll be sweeping the floor on me.


Obviously have my dress but look at this beauty.

Going to get the sequin headdress I reckon.

It’s loveurlook


They’re on my list of indie sellers I wanna buy from! I think that’s why i didn’t just order the River Island dress, really.

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PSA joanie now has a 40% off sale.

I’m obsessed now. So many nice things. Thanks for the heads up everyone.


This thread is really making me wish I had an excuse to get dressed up. You’re all going to look fabulous :sparkles: