Women! with yer makeups on trains!



you’re making michael, 59, uncomfortable


For 60-year-old Gerard, a woman applying make-up in public is as bad-mannered as a man combing his hair in public.

So… fine?


This is one of those things that makes me feel like I’m on a different planet or something.

I can’t fathom why anybody would have an issue with this and yet it seems like a widely held opinion for some inexplicable reason.


“For 60-year-old Gerard, a woman applying make-up in public is as bad-mannered as a man combing his hair in public.”


i’m never anything but impressed when i see people applying make-up in moving vehicles. my hand-eye coordination is so poor that i’m pretty certain i’d blind myself trying to apply eyeliner or mascara even if i was completely still.


Gerard is a mouth-breathing idiot. it terrifies me that a man merely 26 years my senior can be that old fashioned.


I feel it had more gravitas without the question


absolutely this. i remember it coming up on buckles’ podcast a while back and being astounded that anybody could possibly have any issue with any of it.


it’s not smelly, it’s not making noise, it’s not disturbing me in any way

have at it, who gives a fuck


60 year-olds like Gerard care about gravitas


The only thing that has irritated me with something like this is someone filing their nails right next to me. Fuck off prick, keep your nail dust away from me!


Wow! A man! Telling a women to stop doing something! How new!

Gerard is a fucking chump.

I don’t do my makeup on my train because it is ancient 709s rolling stock which doesn’t have tables, but if they had tables I would. What id Gerard scared of? Getting glitter on his jacket or something?


But this represents a grey area for some - the issue is not one of physicality, but hygiene, says self-confessed “germaphobe”, Dilruba Khanom.

“I do admire a woman’s confidence to not give two hoots and slap on the face [in public] - even if people like me shudder,” she says.

"But can you imagine how dirty the Underground is with people’s skin particles floating around?

“Then you get out your make-up brush or even worse, use your fingers that you have just touched the tube handle bar with to apply make up.”

I feel like the make-up might not be the real issue for Dilruba.


Gerard is scared of women, i suspect, in general.


Then life has dealt him a harsh hand



the smile of a man trapped in a private hell


also there is a lot of trainer/plaid matching going on with the kids here. i reckon they fucking hate that.


his right leg looks about half a mile long ffs


“It’s troubling that the work/life balance is so messed up for this generation that women have to get shit done on the train rather than at their leisure at home. Not that it’s any of my business where they do it,” said Gerald.

Oh wait, no he didn’t. Because Gerald is an arsehole.


His sitting position looks extraordinarily uncomfortable. I think the forced smile is actually masking testicular torsion agony.