Women's clothing

I am tall. Often “tall” ranges just make the legs longer and leave the waist and hips the same length.

Or they pick stuff that you didn’t particularly want. I don’t need tall-sized gold hotpants, I wanted a dress where the elastic waistband didn’t painfully cut into my ribs

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A poll here for cis men to answer

  • It’s normal and expected for my clothes to be physically painful and inconvenient
  • No way, my clothes are comfortable

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I will say that there was such a trend of everything being narrow and long for a while, so that by the time something fit my shoulders it about a foot longer than I wanted it to be - so I’d class tat as “uncomfortable”

but that’s like one example in the grand scheme of my whole fashion life, versus what I’m sure are daily examples of that for non-men

Casual clothes are comfy, work clothes for an office cog in the corporate machine like me are generally uncomfy (until I discovered M&S work trousers with a wee bit of elastic in the waist).

But I imagine the discomfort that I associate with a (non-elasticated) suit, shirt and tie isn’t up there with e.g. an underwire bra.

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I’m a short man, it is very difficult to get trousers that fit properly.


Weird when clothing companies have a gender-neutral range that’s basically just their men’s range, renamed.


The main reason I’d love to have a 34" waist again is because 34-30 trousers are a lot easier to find than 36-30. Stupid stubby legs.

also tall but have a disproportionately long torso, so every top I buy is either ridiculously baggy to compensate, or is too short.

When I was a teen all my jeans had scuffs and rips at the bottom from dragging along the floor. Can’t tell if it’s because I was a little mosher or because I am short or both.

Anyway if it’s not skinny jeans/trousers then I’ve gotta turn them up and the bottom

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Another for cis men

  • My clothes frequently leave painful red marks
  • WTF?

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“The model featured is 6’2” and wears a 32R"

Yeah great mate, so the trousers are just going to pool on the floor when I wear them eh?

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Same but ‘tall man’ instead of ‘short man’.

Yeah, my combination of “short legs and average waist” is an absolute killer to find. It becomes slightly easier when I’ve lost weight but that shouldn’t really be a necessity IMO

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Same split as above really.

I’ve got a couple of work shirts that chafe my nipples, weirdly. Well, had. They’re not getting worn again.

Depends on the clothes (and the answer is basically “WTF?”) but a day wearing a pair of suit trousers is absolute agony for me.

Long legs and very thin waist? Absolutely fine. Long legs and big waist? Right away, sir. Long legs and a distinctly average waist? Not possible for some reason.

Have you considered just colouring your legs in? Maybe at the next wedding you have to go to or big business meeting you have with Sonic

I don’t think I’d feel that confident to be seen with coloured in legs

Sorry, this isn’t the thread or day for moaning about men’s clothes!

For anyone who wears women’s clothes:

  • I have frequently experienced clothes leaving painful red marks
  • I don’t get this often because I have to specifically go out of my way to buy particular soft clothes to avoid it
  • I don’t get this because all standard clothes fit me fine

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