Women's Euro 2022

Deserves its own thread I’d say?

Im excited for this. All on BBC and England and quite good and likeable. Also, just tons more football in the summer.

Done a planner/wallchart if anyone wants it to help stay on top of things.



Oh man, unreal! So good at doing these planners.

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Going to England v Austria (Old Trafford), Germany v Spain (Brentford), and Austria v Norway (Brighton). It’s a really cheap way to groundhop around PL grounds and it’s nice to support women’s football!


We’ve got tickets to the final

The planner is lovely, will print tomorrow


Going to the semi at Bramall Lane, that’ll be nice


Going to the England group game and QF at the Amex. Excited!


Got Denmark Spain in Brentford and the final!



Off to Netherlands v Sweden, should be a belter.


Should be great, really looking forward to it. Got tickets for the final and may try to get to one or two other matches if I can


Annoyingly got a clash so had to sell my Sweden - Netherlands tickets. Going to the Bramall Lane semi though and might catch another sheffield/Rotherham game


will be doing my duty as a Brentford fan by supporting Denmark against Germany at Brentford - doubles up as my wife’s first trip there since we moved to our new ground, having been to Griffin Park plenty of times, so that’ll be good.


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Looks like I’m supporting Northern Ireland so.

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Got tickets for:

  • Holland v Sweden
  • Holland v Portugal
  • Holland v Switzerland
  • The final

Depending on the Oranje Leeuwinnen’s progress and ticket availability I may go to a quarter and/or semi.

Extremely excited!


We’ve got tickets for Portugal vs Switzerland at Leigh Sports Village.

Really excited for this, England has genuine goal threats all across the lineup, has excellent options off the bench and we seem to be going into the tournament with real confidence and momentum.

really looking forward to this

got tickets for 4 games:
Germany v Denmark @ Brentford
Belgium v Iceland @ Man City’s acadamy
Switzerland v Netherlands @ Sheffield
and a QF @ Rotherham

hyped to be visiting a bunch of grounds i’ve not been to before

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anyone managed to get the app for the tickets to work? it won’t let me past the splash screen

Just worked ok for me on Android.

hmm, my phone (also android) isn’t having it at all

Yes. All my tickets are there. On iPhone btw.

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