Women's football 2022/23 season (WSL, other)

Man U v Lewes on the BBC red button

The Lewes kit is awesome

Oooof that was a soft goal

Their ground is called The Dripping Pan. Which is just :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers:

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Obviously I hope Dulwich Hamlet survive relegation but if we do go down I’m really, really looking forward to the away day in Lewes

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We’re playing Bayern rn, much the better team but As Ever we’re not being clinical enough and we’re 1-0 down.

Ref missed an unmissable back pass decision lol

Good game so far.


Looks a decent crowd

22k. Cheaper for a family of four tonight than my son and I going to watch non league football.


mad value isn’t it?

most expensive non-hospitality ticket for the cup final is £30! makes rugby league look pricey!

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Very sleepy defending and keeping by Spurs

Chelsea getting battered here

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Lauren James HOOKED after 35 mins :hushed:

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Started playing really nothingy super-direct football about 3 months ago and have been the lesser side for most of their games against decent oppo since. Lyon was a weird exception. City much the better team, here.

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Yes, looked very ordinary today.
There were two early marginal offside calls against Kerr (which both looked on to me) which could have changed things though.

Hope Cuthbert’s injury isn’t too bad.

It’s weird in that we seemed to cope okay initially without Kirby and Harder, still played some pretty expansive, attractive stuff. Then something changed and Hayes had us going really direct, no presence at all in oppo halves other than punts to Kerr and James taking on three players alone. It’s either only marginally or not enough against the minority of teams who can really play, but I suppose is enough to roll over at least 7 of the other 11 WSL sides. Guess that’s the calculation been made. Still in Chelsea’s hands tbf, 1 defeat from the 3 big away games is about par. Just a very lopsided league.

What a title race now. Hard to call.

As a part-time watcher I’m interested in how those watching week in, week out think the four coaches compare tactically and in terms of player management, etc.

Really surprised Taylor has turned it around. He looked like a dead man walking six months ago. Seemed a really uninspiring appointment and like it would be a transitional season given the departures.

Was gonna watch this match ladt night but totally forgot

This is very satisfying though


So, some dickhead is planning an early morning run tomorrow so decided to leave a match in the 121st minute tonight …

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FFS, didn’t know they were using VAR … I actually saw the James tumble waved away (thought it was a pretty hopeful dive in real time). That’ll teach me.

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