Women's football 2023/2024 season (WSL, other)

That’s a perfectly good goal.

Just the 13 goals for Argyle in the FA Cup today then.

Melanie Leupolz? Had been a regular starter for Chelsea and Germany, and had a baby last October. Was some coverage in the Athletic just this week.

Loads of the league are only on £20k a year, think it’s only 6 years it’s been professional. It is a piss take.

United played the occasion there, understandably.

Good game.

Massive day in the second round of the FA Cup as Dulwich are sending somewhere between 50 to 100 fans into deepest darkest Essex to cheer on The Pepper Army and hopefully go a step closer to a big round 4 tie


Always forget how cold football is come winter, especially when you aren’t surrounded by thousands of angry, steaming blokes.


Fucks sake despite bein up 1-0 at half time we let it slip to 1-2, amazing turnout regardless

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