Wonder if @whiterussian ever got over this

@whiterussian ?

dunno man but did you check she was ok with you creating a thread linking to this?

Might be fine of course but worth a thought

Presume the phone would be out of memory by now.

Didn’t think it was actually a phobia from reading the thread. Maybe I’ve misjudged it.

ah sorry,I had a quick scan and the thread seems fine (don’t want to speak for someone else), always have to wonder with old DiS threads though y’know?

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Lol, I don’t remember this at all. But then it was like nine years ago… would’ve never used the word phobia now that I’m a super PC SJW. And also with the phones that we have now, it’s not really an issue at all is it.

Wonder what phone I had when I posted that.


Also found myself trying to «this» a few posts when reading through that thread.

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So much truth