Wonder what Adam Hart-Davis is up to these days

You been wondering what anyone’s up to these days recently?
You been wondering what various historical civilisations did for us recently?

yeah I wonder what Alvin Hall is doing right now you know

used to look up to him as a kid cos he seemed a bit like my uncle.

Bet he’s a huge horrible tory cunt though :frowning:

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Please don’t say things like that. He’s not a tory, probably just a nonce

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I was wondering what Balonz is up to these days, it’s sad that we won’t ever find out.

wait, did Balonz leave???

yeah this isn’t very good is it. Sorry bam, sorry Adam

Harsh man, very harsh.

that’s ok I’ve moved on to the shocking Balonz news now

Hitting the campaign trail for the lib dems


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Was it a sex scandal thing?

Almost certainly

oh no :frowning:

don’t know what to think now

I’m sure he’ll be along when we least expect it

@Antpocalypsenow you got any knowledge on what former promising pundit turned monk (or some other shite) Gavin Peacock’s up to these days

christ, he’s been gone for ages as well!


Still just bothering God an awful lot and espousing very dated views on Twitter AFAIK

was he not liked? I thought everyone here liked everyone else.

Crazy revelations here today.