Wonder what ... is up to?

Any celebs you wonder what they’re up to now? Maybe they Google their names and can sign up and tell us!

Lisa Scott-Lee

Wonder what Tokyo Sexwale is up to

He’s moved to Tokyo

…and the rest is his own business!!


Liz from Blue Peter

No, that was the Wombats.

Crispian Mills. Incidentally doesn’t his name sound like some kind of rather shoddy brand of fluffy sliced bread?

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Wesley Two Scoops


Steve Mind

Ice Cream Makes You Sexy guy, what’s he up to at the mo, eh?

More like a cereal to me. One of the more expensive sort.

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Just found out last night that Mike from Ghosts was in Red Hot Entertainment aka the Junior Spesh guys

He directs films. The last one was Slaughterhouse Rules

No way. Wow!

I looked up Des Barnes/Phillip Middlemiss over the weekend. Surprised to find he’s wanted for arrest in Ghana for something to do with the sale of military planes.


Jon Tickle

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Is that like Slaughterhouse 5, but with Californian surfers?

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Some big names, but poor reviews

Haha wtf

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Simon Parkin.