Wonder what Mike Skinner's up to these days




He MCs and puts on club nights with Murkage. Saw it at Glasto two years ago. Was shit


I’ll go out without a blink
out without a blink
I’ll go downtown without thinking and shout over a drink


He cancelled a DJ gig at SWG3 recently.


That album he made with the guy from The Music was so decent.


That was just a Streets album you cheeky get


Whatever it was, it was better than ‘Computers and Blues’.


Lol thought that’s what you were referring to cos he sang on it. Didn’t know he did a full album with him.


Yes, they did a full album together. This was the best track -


What? that’s terrible


Doing quite a bit of bugle, I reckon


Waiting for enough time to pass so he can do The Streets again for loads of cash prob.


Just to be clear, I like Mike Skinner and The Streets.


The first album is still one of the best things released in the last twenty years.


he doesn’t think music should be about politics, according to his book (which is great)



It’s kind of amazing his fall from the spotlight. I mean he had number 1 singles, was referred to as the voice of a generation for a few years and now it’s like he never existed.


I thought he said he was too old to perform as the Streets now and ‘retired’. I’m sure he said he was going to work as a producer or something like that.


Funny you should say that…



Heard ‘Weak Become Heroes’ on 6Music the other day for the first time in ages and thoroughly enjoyed it. Time to revisit his stuff I think.


and James Murphy said he was going to write films