Wonder Woman film (it's a month away)

Who knew? Apparently not many people, going off this

Anyway, here’s the last trailer:

Going off the trailers it looks like it’s probably a fairly standard 7/10 although that would make it far better than MoS and BvS (not seen Suicide Squad).

(For some reason this forum thinks this post looks like the Vegan thread.)

I know this is completely not the point but she is an absurdly attractive lady isn’t she.

I won’t watch this film but I hope that everybody who is looking forward to it enjoys it.

I guess she is?

I mean lead actors in hollywood films are basically always absurdly attractive, no? Look at what a fucking hubba hubba hunk Chris Evans is?

Anyway, she was good in BvS, a film with a lot of not-good in it. If organising to go to see a film wasn’t a ballache due to being a parent, I would definitely go and see this.



Has their been a gamergate/milo/4chan/reddit/whatever hate campaign about how the SJWs have made Wonder Woman a woman yet? Probably.


I may have to blur that. That’s how far you’ve gone with this.

But just for you:

no thanks

Not sure. I think probably not due to her always having been a woman so no MRA’s past is being sullied.

oh right, thanks Theo.

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is zack Snyder doing this one again :frowning:

No PC Hollywood has only gone and hired a WOMAN. What do women know about Wonder Women?!

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No, Snyder’s doing the Justice League film. There’s a sliver of hope that with Affleck in the producer’s chair, his worst choices might be dulled on that?

FFS it’s called wonder woMAN not wonder woWOMAN. Stupid feminazis

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haha a woman director, cos women are all bossy and that.

They hired a woman?! OMG who cares about gender, they should just hire the best person for the job moan, groan etc

(pretty much what you get anywhere on the internet when the lack of female directors comes up)

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hmm. i’ll watch it… with the added bonus I have no memory of her backstory… there was a WW TV show ages ago wasn’t there? I have a vague memory of it.



ne ne ne ne ner ner ner nerr WONDER WOMAN!!!

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did she drive a car?

This actually IS the back story! (Or maybe that’s what you mean - enjoying it more because it’s unfamiliar?)

close … it was an invisible plane.