Wonder Woman film (it's a month away)


yep, bored of spiderman now etc.


:joy: fuck me


well if you’re not going to take it seriously…


I don’t think so but I’ve just remembered that some were getting announced that in some recent reboot they either made her a lesbian or implied she was bi-sexual. A women from a society made entirely of women might have had relationships with other women? How dare they!


This actually looks alright, I like the WW1 super hero scenario. But not seen any of the DCU films apart from Suicide Squad which was a complete mess of a film.


I like how people from The Office (well, OK, Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis so far) have been popping up in these comic book films. Someone get Gareth or Keith into Avengers 3 or Captain Marvel or something.


Also Stephen Merchant


Gareth already made his mark in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, though.


And Game of Thrones. He seems to want to focus on smaller things like Detectorists now.


Christ, you know I totally forgot he was in that. Now wondering if I even recognised him.

{EDIT: referring to GoT}


Like how he just plays himself in Logan


True, and Keith was in The Lobster (not a blockbuster but was still fun seeing him in a film)