Wonderful Wednesday

Morning all

Was pissing down when I got up. Stopped just before I left the house and now looks like this

What’s happening then?

Sunrise photos, plans, miscellaneous banal chit chat below…


Morning all :wave:

Off on my travels again today - this time to Lichfield! There’s a rail replacement bus service running from Peterborough to Leicester, so I’m taking the car instead. At least it’s looking like a relatively nice day.


Got a day off after getting in at 2am following Kendrick last night.

Took the bubs into nursery, picked up some fry up ingredients, on the bus home for a shower and then back to bed for a bit I think

Quiet day ahead, will head out for lunch with a friend to break up the working day. Feels like it should be Thursday for some reason.

What is this colour in the sky? I only remember the sky being dull and grey


Anyway, another absolutely shocking night’s sleep because of the rain and it’s consequences, but I won’t go into them because I’m boring myself with pretty much the same post every morning. At least the forecast is looking up a bit over the next few days

M still unwell and I’m feeling a bit stressed that I’m not on top of life admin stuff at all.

Got my first meeting with my new manager this morning - hope it goes well :grimacing: He’s so nice but what if he isn’t when you report into him?!

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Big morning news for current DiS trends, just ordered a dehumidifier.

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Bit hungover and groggy - Interrupted sleep

Work will hopefully be quiet , feels like I need some space to think and watch Love at 1st Sight

Poor night’s sleep here too. Up 6 times on the night to a disturbed toddler. Beautiful day here, shame I’m sat in an office all day. Have 7 interviews to do. That’ll be fun.

morning bros and girlbros and NBbros

i’m tired as holy hell, but not coz of my usual insomniac bullshit, entirely because of being overworked. so that’s progress i guess.

also fucking hell i need to be sent to horny jail. my brain is pure filth. that’s almost no work done today then.

chill day cat sitting, chance to check out some new lunch locations, got some Music League playlists on the go, weirdly warm

just had one of my ginger cookies, they’re so Christmassy it feels wrong having them this early

i dont need one at all, but still almost being convinced to buy one just because of the push they’re getting on here!

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Weirdly my wife suggested getting one, out of the blue, at the weekend. Wonder what her username is…


Did not enjoy the price of it, but starting to notice condensation and doors swelling up so is needed. The money could buy a truck load of sour beers.

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when i was a kid i used to measure any big purchase by how many CDs I could have got instead - and I guess this is just the adult version of that!


My work is running a survey as to what perk you you want for your Birthday. It is currently a cake/macaroons that get sent depending where you’re based. If it doesn’t end up with an extra days leave I will be very confused.

  • Birthday cake
  • Voucher
  • Day off/extra days annual leave

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Day off paid right? Not unpaid I hope

accidentally got a steak ciabatta for lunch

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overslept AGAIN. My god I just cannot do mornings. The sun is out, though! First time in over a week!

Got my writing group tonight which I’m looking forward to, although they’ve changed the buses round here so they’re now even less frequent so I’m gonna be in a right rush.