Wonky display

Been like this for a couple of days. No previous problems. Pain in the arse. I am using Chrome on an android phone.


What’s the problem? The colour dividers indenting each board?

Been having the same issue m7

Well it used to be a scroll up and down situation on the mobile. My wee profile icon was always on the top right of my mobile screen and the wee post navigation thingy was bottom left. But now everything loads up zoomed out and I have to scroll over to the right for my profile icon to be on screen. Hard to explain but the picture illustrates it, does it not?

Think I’ve sorted it. Had a setting on in chrome to allow me to override your zoom restrictions so turned that off. Had that on for a while and it’s never previously caused an issue. The same problem happened in another browser too. Weird.

this is not the correct answer.


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