Wonky teefs unite!


I’ve got a snaggletooth, a bit of a one. Always have had. Quite like it as an odd feature of my face these days. It’s not TOO prominent so i don’t think it’s ever impeded my hustle in life.

Anyone else packing teeth that aren’t where they should be? Ever thought about braces?


My teeth are quite bad as a result of some incompetent orthodontistry in my teenage years and I am increasingly self-conscious about them.

Basically needed a chain and pulley system to yank down one of my adult teeth that wasn’t coming through on it’s own and then the orthodontist cut the chain when she was supposed to be tightening it and basically went “whoops, oh well”


Wisdom teeth came through in my mid-twenties but i decided a couple of years of extreme pain and the probably bad breath caused by food getting stuck behind them was preferable to having my jaw broken and them cut/pulled out.


If you would really like to know… my top row is perfection, a triumph! but my bottom row, middle four are a bit wonk but they are very rarely on display.


i get this - some days i don’t like my smile so much. most days i don’t care coz i just look like me really (and once you’re used to going bald early you’re used to anything tbh)


i had all four com at once, and had to have lower teeth removed to make space for the reshuffle. miraculously that actually worked and my lower teeth are (relatively) straight


If I suddenly fell into a big pile of money, getting the teeth sorted would be absolutely the first thing I do once I’ve come back from my month-longer bender in Monaco


I don’t think I’d be able to smile like a human being regardless of the state of my teeth tbh


but you have a cheeky-chappy grin!


not so much wonky but I have a chipped tooth that makes me a bit self conscious if I smile, can’t really afford to get it fixed up though.

Dread having to get fillings because they’re so expensive


My wife complains that I have a flat bum so I would get implants to give myself the most enormous, rounded bum to make her rue what she used to have.

Coming into vast wealth would make everyone more petty, yes?


marckee taught me that I have Diastema (gap between my front two teeth).

Mac DeMarco made it cool.


stupid sexy flanders!


My lower front teeth are really badly bunched and wonky, and when I was a teenager they said I didn’t need braces when I quite clearly did. As a result I’m rather self conscious about it.


Yep, I’ve got terrible teeth alignment. Wish I’d got it sorted as a younger man, cba now.




Hate my teeth. Wish I was a millionaire so I could knock them all out and put a whole new set in.


My dentist told me lots of his mob just leave them in now as the process of getting them out can be quite traumatic. I just deal with the discomfort every year or so. Electric toothbrush and that Corsodyl toothpaste works wonders.


this thread is making me feel quite a bit better about having not great teeth.

Maybe it’s not that abnormal


Mine are pretty wonky and bunched too. Means they’re more prone to getting stained and stuff too. Asked my dentist how much it’d take to sort them, he reckoned 4-5 grand. LOL. I’ll just live with them mate.