thank you. adds ‘shucks approval’ to ‘pros’ list

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Not sure if I expressed this sentiment before but they are NOT cute and I find cuteness in almost every animal but wood lice on their back with all those wiggly legs :nauseated_face: although they are a little bit cute when they roll up in fear, bless them

I’m not shucks but I heartily disapprove of this. Titanoboas are an utter aberration

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Woodlice are one of my favourite animals

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Woodlice asking for Berlin recommendations

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I just like how they are busy but keep to themselves, you often see them near other insects but they don’t bother them just get on with finding some rotten wood to munch etc

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Does anyone know why there always seems to be some in my kitchen?? There’s no door to my kitchen, just a window that’s usually shut. It’s on the first floor, there’s no entry point other than said window. For the life of me I can’t work it out. Surely they’re not crawling up the pipes? Are they coming in through the front door, climbing the stairs to my flat, coming in through that door, then going down the stairs to my kitchen???

they like moisture and darkness. I get them come in near the back door sometimes

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woking representative checking in to say it sounds exactly like the kind of stupid thing you guildfordians would make up


I don’t think there’s any moisture down here?? And even if there was, HOW ARE THEY SENSING IT AND COMING IN?!

this song except the lady is singing woodlice woodlice woodlice woodlice…woodlice!


they’re just clever that way.

Did you know they can live for years? Find that pretty awesome, good luck to them


Aw, I didn’t know that! That’s lovely.

Don’t mind them being here really, they’re a friendly bunch are the ‘logs

Not sure anyone’s mentioned it yet but we had a similar thread recently

who would be interested in a hierarchy of insects/bugs thread?

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  • Not Me

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Wasps bottom; bees top