Woods - Love is Love

New album out April 21st.

Puts Haddaway out of his misery anyway


City Sun Eater… was really good, as was Bend Beyond, With Light and With Love, Songs of Shame…

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Yeah I can’t really fault their output either! Do you have a particular favourite album of theirs?

I think I probably listen to Songs of Shame most often…

Only really started paying attention last year really, after putting City Sun Eater on through chance. It’s probably my favourite for that reason, but they’re a band who can relied upon for always putting out 8/10 albums rather than the odd masterpiece.

Bend Beyond runs it close

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At Echo Lake holds a very sweet spot for me, such a great album and atmosphere to it.
Sun & Shade, Bend Beyond, WL&WL, all equally great but At Echo Lake pips it for me.
Passed up on buying City Sun Eater as I missed the vibe they had before that.

Love is Love is good.

Originally read it as Life is Life though and thought they’d done a cover of Opus.

Quite enjoying that they’ve expanded on the jazzier sound that they were creating on City Sun Eater in the River of Light.

Spring is in the Air is probably the standout track for me.

reviewed it for DiS, it’s good but I could have done with a bit more

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Just read your review and I felt that the brevity of the record was a slight issue too. As stated above, I’m enjoying listening to it but yeah a few more tracks wouldn’t have gone amiss…

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It’s not a huge deal, because what is there is generally all really good, but given it’s dealing with quite big themes it just felt a little sold short

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