Word-free choruses


Just been listening to a bit of Garbage in the car, and it occurred to me that the chorus of Push It is basically just a cool riff, rather than words. Shirley’s whispering some words, but that’s definitely not the hook.

Any other sings like this? There’s probably loads, I’m just drawing a blank. It’s cool anyway, shows confidence in a very catchy riff.


My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus


This immediately comes to mind.



Day ruined.


Arcade Fire - Wake Up


Heroes (Bowie)?


mmm mmm mmm mmm


Alright deep-blue.



Seven Nation Army would be the obvious one…


The words to that are oohhh Jeremy Corbyn so not sure it qualifies


Recently updated/upgraded from “oohhh Santi Cazorla”.




I always feel like the guitar parts in BSS’s ‘Cause = Time’ are really the chorus:


the chorus of pretty much every Oh Sees song is just him shouting ‘WOO!’ and then turning on his distortion pedal


Float On (sort of)?


Cut Your Hair


So many Pavement songs have wordless choruses. Lots on ‘Wowee Zowee’ with Malkmus’ guitar taking the lead for the chorus.



Obvious answers but here you go anyway