Why is the guardian trying to make this a thing?

Took me three tries


Wordle 187 3/6


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Think I must be properly dense because I can only seem to enter text on the first line and no colours seem to change no matter what I do?

Edit nvm found the enter button (on the bottom left on my keyboard, FFS)

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Yeah that got me too!

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Is it the same puzzle for everyone on the same day?

Apparently so. Took me 5 goes, once I’d understood the actual process.


Got it in 6

Took me ages to get off the first line, didn’t realise you have to guess an actual word, not just five letters. Got it in 4 after that.

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Got it in 3.

Also, one game a day? Fuck off.


Played a bit of Mastermind a few weeks ago and this reminded me of that a bit. Always so surprised when it’s relatively easy to guess something that could be anything.


My guesses were

Whale (when I was just trying to work out how to do it)
Gripe (erm… hooray?!)

Great fun


looks like it



Really annoyed I actually got the word but then decided to enter a different word to the one I thought it might be on my 6th guess

I loathe word games. “Ooh look, some letters are in a certain order and you can arrange them in a different order!”

Dire stuff. Absolutely dire.


this is probably not the thread for you then


Yeah, I should get the hell outta this one that’s for damn sure!

Got today’s one in 2 by a complete fluke.

I’m having an absolutely thrilling Christmas Eve in case you can’t tell

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Enjoying this! Got today’s in 3. Feel like the best achievement is probably 2 as 1 is just a total guess innit

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