I feel like I started this thread before, but anyway: Is it REALLY the case that you can’t add plugins without being on a BUSINESS plan!? Theo et al, help me out yeah

No idea mate.

I doubt Theo uses wordpress though. :+1::+1:

(pity reply)

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Wordpress is worst CMS

Are you using Wordpress on the wordpress.com site or your own site?

If it’s on your own you can install whatever you want. If you use their site, then yes you have to pay.


On wp.com yes :frowning:

Ok, new topic:

How can I make a free (or very cheap) wp site or similar with a nice event calendar as its main feature (but that would also allow for the odd blog post etc)?

“The Events Calendar” plugin is good. Links up with FB events as well quite well and has widgets you can put in places like sidebars.

Basically best thing to do is buy a cheap hosting package and website address (will be about a fiver a month). Then install the wordpress software. You can add whatever themes and plugins you like then.


I really don’t want to pay a fiver a month. This is just for a small non-profit project and any money would go out of my already depressing bank account. I naively assumed I could just fix this through wp, but of course with the sites I’ve done similar things for in the past I’ve had a different hosting solution.

Whatever nerd

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See if you can get someone to donate the hosting space? You can install Wordpress into a separate folder from a main site very easily, and then set up the website address to just redirect. (You can set it up so the main address continues to appear in the address bar)

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Good tip, will have a think.

If anyone has any other suggestions in the mean time, do by all means keep them coming

Bumping this for the dayshift

I mean for ‘free’ or not much, you basically have the option of a Facebook page, I guess?

Like Em says you either pay their rates or host it on your own site. Your own site will cost money but at the same time you can use it for other stuff?

OTOH there are online calendar sites too:

I’m not sure if both of those are essentially no different from using a G-Calendar.

FINALLY how about looking using a Google+ account?

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All of what @_Em has said here is what I was going to say. I fully condone this behaviour.

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mate, a fiver a month is nothing for your own website!! if you want it for free don’t complain about the limitations!!! :frog:

Also this.

I’m broke, but to have a website for my teaching, website for my design work, and Adobe software so I can do said design work costs me a lovely total of £70 p/m. Which is just dandy when I don’t have any design work.


aye ditto. got a squarespace site and pay the full CC package. shit’s expensive but usually pays for itself.

I am aware of this.

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