Words left unsaid, roads left untrodden, things left unfinished

I don’t think anybody has ever bought a bag of potatoes and finished them all before they start getting those horrible sprouting off weird bits on them.

Talk about things similar to that in this thread if you want.


Nothing to add beyond empirical support for your potato conjecture.


Here’s one for you. British supermarkets sell more sweet potatoes than normal spuds now. And with good reason.

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Is that so? Huh. Boy that’s a thinker!

I don’t really like sweet potatoes that much.

We can get through a 2.5kg bag of potatoes in a fortnight or so (esp. if we have people round for a Sunday roast)

Do they get those weird sprouty off bits though?

sometimes it’s difficult to buy less than 2kg of carrots

i don’t want 2kgs of carrots i want 2 carrots


I blame the see through bags. If they came in sacks, or you could take your own sack into a supermarket that’d help.

Not after two weeks, no.

Here’s one, though:

Nobody has ever bought a bag of beansprouts without a portion of them having turned to mush.

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Here’s something. Did anyone’s Dad ever used to buy sacks of potatoes just from a lay-by on a road somewhere?

Are there any other foodstuffs that just get bought from lay-bys?


Trying to think of something not food related but can’t… hum…

Bags of salad, bags of herbs. Always goes a bit wilty and dead looking before I manage to get through them, tbf it’s because I always buy too much coriander. I love coriander but I’m not quick enough :sob:

eggs, fruit, farm shit

strawberry/raspberry pickin’!

This thread isn’t specific to foodstuffs Witchinho (or anything really) talk about whatever the fuck you want innit.

Bung it in the freezer! Or blitz it and stick it in with your rice (and a bit of salt) for some yummy herby rice

I know m7, I was just trying to offer a bit of range wasn’t I?

@colon_closed_bracket our freezer is broken, also I do put it in literally everything. It’s okay, I’ll be on top it it next time.

Well, I tried

I used to be the person selling those sacks of spuds! Strawberries too.


I refuse to believe this. Because it’s wrong.

You are wrong. Learn how to appreciate potatoes please.

This is made up