Words left unsaid, roads left untrodden, things left unfinished

Can you screenprint one for me? I’m feeling unproductive.

You are very insolent.

half way through completing this one already

I sell fruit and veg to supermarkets for a living, mate.

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^Sweet potato industry lackie

yep, then would chuck it at me in an hilarious ‘catch this!’ way.


Potato Mates.

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Good Dadwork

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Shop local, not supermarket. No problem.


Should be SWAN in the the top right hand corner

Basically everything I ever do. My own bed is 80% finished at best.

What is the remaining 20% of your bed that needs doing?

Like the top right corner sort of just floats there, suspended by the accumulated force of the bedding.
It’s not actually attached.

What an unusual arrangement!

I’ll be honest with you Ant boy I got it for free as a spare prop after some music video and it was past midnight so I just put it up as quickly as possible then went to bed. It is now over a year since then but I’m a very tired man.

What was the thematic purpose of the bed in the video?


I’ve just tried to find the specific lay-by on street view to see if there are still potatoes there but I can’t really remember where it was