Words/ names you have only ever seen written down


…and feel like you couldn’t say out loud without at least a couple of mangled attempts

Tag Heuer
John Gielgud




great thread


They’re both fairly straightforward I would say


“great” to rhyme with “meat”
“thread” to rhyme with “bead”


Never very sure on ‘chutzpah’ tbh, not sure if i have heard it spoken


Chuck Palahniuk


Never sure on Dälek. I’ve seen that it’s supposed to be pronounced like ‘dialect’, but I still don’t feel like I’m saying it right. Luckily no one else seems to be sure on it either, so conversations tend to steer clear of it, or revert back to a phonetic pronunciation (sans diacritics) when it’s absolutely necessary to refer to them.


That’s Paul-ah-nick apparently! Fucks me up too!


Honestly, so many words, I’m just resigned to pronouncing things incorrectly. Place names are probably the worst for this, used to call it south-wark until a sixth form trip to the globe theatre set me straight


I quite like saying place names phonetically for my own amusement.

Ruislip is an old favouite.


Loved doing this in a proper posh old wine bar


I’ll have the Cockburn please!


There’s a place near Winchester called Wherwell.

No idea.

It’s probably more like “Wirral” knowing the twats down here. Local examples: Cheesefoot Head, Alresford.



“Port please”
– “Cockburn, or are you just thirsty?”



Theydon Bois


East end girls and the Theydon Bois.


Duh duh duh-duh


Hainault, Hainault
Don’t dream it’s over…



There’s a seperate thread in this I feel NV.