Words/ names you have only ever seen written down

I made an incredibly bad observation about Anohni cause it sounds a bit like A Nonny (essex based slang for vagina) so obviously I tweeted that and then I was like “let’s find out a bit more about Anohni and see if this has legs” and then I was like “oh shit” and felt so bad. I honestly had no idea.


Reminds me of my little brother having an amusing Bernard Hinault / Bernardinho faux pas on my cycling club’s forums. Heh. Whenever a commentator mentions him, I’m like “ah that amazing Brazilian cyclist…”

Edit: Sorry, fuck me. Even for cycling wanker standards that’s terribly dull.

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There’s a ‘Merckx’ joke in there somewhere but I can’t find it

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Alcester, near Redditch.

I assume it’s the same deal as Leicester, etc, but have heard so many people pronounce it phonetically that I’m not really sure…

szechuan always trips me up

HOOT-ZPAH. ‘Hoot’ as in ‘soot’ and with the yiddish back of the throat raspy inflection on the H.

Having a Jewish colleague for a number of years really helped me lock that one down.

I pronounced hyperbole to sound like superbowl once. My friends thought it was hilarious. Dictionary Wankers.


Wasn’t it someone on here whose ‘friend’ pronounced Kasabian to rhyme with Azerbaijan?


Said “Spike Jonze” to my friend last night. As in “onesie”. Met with much mirth and merriment. Had no idea

One from the West Yorkshire…

Slaithwaite. Pronounced it as it’s written, got laughed out of the Huddersfield Station tavern.

Apparently it’s SLAH-WUT.



Alright, Natasha Bedingfield.

Rowies (as in the delicious Aberdeenshire bread/pastry aka butteries).

My little bro has a mate, Cailean.

No idea tbh. Only ever called him “C”


never even going to attempt it

Od-juk-bash-ur gets you close enough. Although still not quite owing to the Turkish inflection on the a’s and the u’s. Where you say ‘bash’ you sort of need to pronounce it halfway between ‘bash’ and ‘bush’.

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Easy! It’s kway-stont.

Bon app the teeth!

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i think the first time i heard this said out loud was when my friend met him in a shop she works in. had to have a think about who she meant when she said it tbh. also dunno how she recognised him or why he was in a bead shop

Another Yorkshire one, who would guess that Keighley is pronounced Keith-lee. I reckon it’s just to trick the Southerners.

Sounds a bit like polo neck (seriously)

This is a minor to medium irk for me on YouTube, that people who read the scripts either don’t rehearse beforehand or don’t confirm any pronunciation they’re not sure about. As a result, words like ‘swathe’ and ‘biopic’ always get pronounced wrong, and ‘posthumous’ gets completely mangled. No, it is not post-hoomus you complete tool. The WhatCulture guys can barely get through a video without pronouncing at least one thing completely wrong.