Words people don’t say any more


When was the last time you heard anybody use the word ‘frightful’ in everyday conversation?


I say frightful but I am basically a Dickensian street urchin


Probably the last time I spoke to Dean Martin


read wuthering heights for some reason the other week and the folk in that were constantly ejaculating

“you saucy wench” he ejaculated

laughed every time, obviously.


Did an exam and coursework on Wuthering Heights without ever reading it, just printed off a list of quotes from the internet. Pretty sure every book can be read as such.


How does it even end? Is it that bit in the grave?


heathcliff ejaculates spectacularly


That’s mustard!
Oh my days


To the eponymous heights.


Keen as mustard is a great phrase
As is oh my days


You’d still hear mustard here in Belfast a fair bit, only it’s nearly always to describe a person, as in ‘did you see what he just tried to get away with? He’s mustard!’


I say frightful but I work in a rare bookshop and we are essentially Dickensian fat cats


Pretty sure I haven’t heard anybody use the word ‘dosh’ since the late Nineties


Too long I roam in the night
I’m coming back to his side, to put it right
I’m coming…


Bonk - last used in tabloid headlines about affairs in the 1990, usually involving gay people.

“School teacher caught in lesbian bonk”


cyclists use it all the time to describe running out of energy

still find it funny


Also ‘romp’.


*steamy romp


There’s a whole list of words that are only used in tabloids:

Boffin (as in scientist, etc)