Words / phrases that will die a death when the generations above us are all dead


I can’t imagine the word “muggins” surviving.




Clutch pedal


daft ha’p’orth


Legitimate concerns


You could probably add a whole bunch of swear-word substitutes. Mrs CCB’s mum says “oh, fiddlesticks!” when she drops something :smiley:


Fed up to the back teeth
Weird imagery when you think about it


Free education. Generous State Pension.
And probably (hopefully) some racist-y ones that I won’t type out.


Fair points, but it’s not really what I was looking for


Okay more lighthearted ones:
“My giddy aunt.”



Already dead tbh.


RIP, Roald Amundsen


I occasionally employ fiddlesticks in lieu of an expletive.




Friends of mine say “cobblers” as a kind of running joke amongst themselves. And fans of their bands have started copying them. Even some Americans, which was pretty funny to hear out loud.


My granddad would say “For Pete’s sake!” instead of the more sweary version. I’ve not heard that one in a long wile.




Cor blimey




Also drawers if thickos keep writing it as “draws”.