Words that shouldn’t be allowed

Cakery. You’re either a bakery or a cake shop. Fucking cakery indeed.

Mishmashes of swear words. You know the ones, cockwomble and the sort. Hate them.

I’m sure there are others



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URGH yes




3 replies in and we’re already onto words I need to google

do you think the people who say like twatjizzle etc actually think they’re being funny and irreverent? Or is it like an irony thing?

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I think they think they’re very funny and original

Edit: sorry that was a bit mean, it’s too hot

that’s sad.

Sometimes when people do this kind of thing and are earnest and not self-aware I get a bit of a pain in my heart/chest like a deep sadness for them


This has to go because it’s completely impossible to remember what way round the m and n go (although they seem to go in alphabetical order, but I shouldn’t have to remember that)

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Not entirely sure what it means but that’s a nasty word for the tongue. Terrible mouthfeel, just terrible. Get rid

maybe it’s also a sadness for me because I cannot join them there

it is like there is a certain type of person, when something has been said and there is an obvious joke to make about it that has occurred to every single person in the room and everyone has decided it is such an obvious joke to make that its best not to make it, when one person goes ahead and makes it I think I feel that sadness for them (probably was one of them once)

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I heard Jesse Eisenberg get it wrong the other day and if he can’t get it right what chance do the rest of us have?



Bosom. Ick.

Skids/skuds too.

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Really hate “knickers” too

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Guts. Never liked it, never will. Especially when used with the word ache. Had to tell someone once how much it repulses me. No idea why.