Words that you absolutely cannot stand



As a ghost Pokemon it’s fine. But when used as an adjective it makes me think of Nigel Farage’s cheese breath.





“Text” when used as a past participle.

“Draw” when you mean “drawer”, you stupid, stupid cunt.


Anything once Americanised e.g.

Oregano, aluminum, premier


Guesstimate can absolutely fuck right off. In fact thread closed, no other word can be as shit as that



Have a weekly tc with Americans. We use a contractor called Premier, and every week they refer to them as ‘Premeeer’ and we refer to the as ‘Prem-i-er’. No one backs down, can be quite funny.


Tableness (“NOUN Philosophy: The essential nature of a table; the abstract quality of being a table.”)


I’ve got a US colleague who insists on pronouncing it “pay-tent”. My job title is literally “patent attorney” pal, maybe go with my pronunciation?


I can’t stand the names of certain parts of the body.


Somewhere in there’s a pun about not being able to STAND the words, and the fact that three of them are parts of the appendages used for standing but… I can’t see it.


I can live with some of the Americanisations (Americanizations?) but it irks me when Brit pundits use words like ‘off-ence’ and ‘de-fence’ while contributing on US sports programmes. I feel that we have a duty to use the correct words irrespective of the context.


Didn’t mean to reply to you there @Epimer, sir.




Draw vs. drawer really, really does my head in, but I’m not sure it’s the word itself which is the problem.


Maybe you should hire a Frenchmen just to add some variety.


Alright Lou Reed/Metallica




Always makes me start singing Mmmbop.




I like all the words.

All of them.