Words that you can say two different modes of transport after them and they are recognised phrases

Ice Cream

I only wanted words that had two different modes of transport you could say after them

Coca-Cola (Truck, Float)

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I think a good thread might be about “people who you think are probably American who aren’t famous in America but are in the UK” and I think you could say about John Barrowman and Ruby Wax if you wanted to

Ok hold up


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weird that we call it a boat when the liquid is on the inside, traditionally that’s bad news for boats


That reminds of me, sometimes I think about doing a thread on “People who are more famous amongst people outside their country of birth than they are in their country of birth”.

Not today though.

I might start decanting ketchup into a ketchup boat

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I would expect this actually now that you’ve said that…

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I think it might be quite classy?

Shouldn’t be doing things just to be ‘classy’ IMO.

That’s an interesting thought


Bryan Gravy?