Words used by The Kids

‘Sick’ is very out these days, I think.
‘Peng’ seems to be a thing.
Any more you’ve heard?
What words were de rigueur in your youth?

How long before this thread gets a bit casually racist, you reckon?


You stupid honky!




Yeah didn’t have a scoob about peng till the kid @Jeremys_Iron used it the other day



Kein problem

can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk


I hear that they’ve taken to inverting the usual meanings of certain words so that ‘bad’ can now mean ‘good’.

And, you may struggle with this one, but ‘wicked’ can be taken as a suggestion that something is quite splendid.


I’m in over my head.

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What are the words that those off the telly popularised… joey from Essex etc…

I dunno… im old.

I’m just so ruddy bloody down with them, you see.

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when i was a lad it was all about the wicked and the safe and then later we all started calling everything deluxe! that last one was just us though.

‘Sick’ is used all the time by people far too old to be classed as ‘The Kids’ down at the climbing wall.

Are they still using bae?

My pal uses ‘sick’ all the time the way the kids use it as opposed to how we use it that is to say ‘ill’ he sounds like such a fud

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Currently in the process of trying to buy The Boy some new trainers, and while we were shopping last night I (unknowingly) described an old pair that he has as ‘those sick ones you’ve got’. He assumed that I meant said trainers were exceptionally good, what I actually meant was they were the ones he vomited over a few months ago.


British Aerospace?